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Popular questions

How old I have to be to visit La Rocca?
La Rocca is strictly a 18+ venue. There will be no exceptions. If you look under 21 we may ask for your ID. Driver’s licence and passports will be accepted.
Is there a facecontrol in La Rocca?
Yes. We keep the right to refuse an entry to any visitor that may pose a threat to other people or members of staff.
Can I book a table in La Rocca?
Yes. Tables are available for reservation in La Rocca, Red Square and Black Daddy. See our reservation plan
Do I have to pay if I'm on the guestlist?
No. Guestlist is free of charge until 06:00
Can I buy ticket at the door?
Yes. You can purchase tickets at the door.

Other questions

How can I subscribe to La Rocca Newsletter?
Leave your details here and make sure to add to your address book.
How do I get on the guestlist?
Click "guestlist" button in the top right corner. Fill in the form and check your email for the confirmation letter from us.
Do you allow wearing ugg boots inside the club?

Ugg boots are not welcome inside the club. If you have other pair of shoes with you, you can change and leave ugg boots in our cloakroom.
Can I enter using guestlist at anytime?
You can enter free of charge using our guestlist
How much does ticket cost?
Ticket price is 5-10€, depending time. With guest list - free entrance all night long, free entrance for girls from 22:00 till 01:00
We had our photo taken, but photo is not published. Can we get it by email?

If your photo is not published on our website or Facebook, there is no way of getting that image by email. Image was not of a good enough quality or it was not approved by our moderators.
I lost an item in the club
If you lost any document or a bank card please notify the police or your bank immediately.

Call our helpdesk at +371 67506030 and ask if they have and information regarding your item.

Visit our lost & found section
Video and photography
There may be promotional and commercial photography, video and audio recording of the club, the DJ's and customers. By entering the club, you consent to the filming and recording of your likeness for use by La Rocca. Such consent includes use by La Rocca for any and all purposes in all media.
Can I listen to La Rocca on the radio?
Yes. We are on air every day at 20:00 on Europa+ 99.5 FM
Do you have a Facebook and Twitter pages?

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